Since our foundation in 1996 Prostate Cancer UK has awarded over £14 million to innovative research aimed at extending and improving the lives of men diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Thanks to the income raised by the Movember Foundation we are committing over £7 million to new research each year for at least the next three years from 2012.

All our research funding will be targeted at:

  • identifying men at highest risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer,
  • better tests to distinguish indolent from aggressive tumours, and
  • new targeted treatments for advanced prostate cancer.


Our new funding streams emphasise innovation, collaboration, training and career development.

From December 2012 all applications (with the exception of those for the Movember Centre of Excellence) must be made through our online grant management system.  To apply, please log in using the portal below.  Please also log in below if you have been invited to participate in or review an application.

If you have any queries please email our Research Team at or call us on 0203 310 7037

Prostate Cancer UK grant reviewers will have their comments (unless permission is explicitly given) and identity kept strictly confidential from applicants by both charity staff and members of the Research Advisory Committee. Reviewers must also keep the applications confidential and are required to:

  • keep the application secure, not disseminate it, not copy the whole or any part, nor use any ideas in them for any other purposes, and dispose of electronic and paper documents securely after reviewing;
  • not discuss the application with anyone else without prior permission from the charity, nor contact the applicant about issues pertaining to the application;
  • and declare any conflict of interest and if they exist discuss with charity staff whether the conflict of interest precludes them from reviewing the application.

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