Prostate Cancer UK has an ambitious 10 year Research Strategy setting out how we will invest in the most innovative research to make the biggest difference to men with, or at risk of, prostate cancer.  To achieve this, we will focus our resources into three key areas:

  • Better Diagnosis
  • Better Treatment
  • Better Prevention


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If you have any queries please email our Research Team at or call us on 0203 310 7258.

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Code of Conduct for Reviewers

Prostate Cancer UK application reviewers will have their identity kept strictly confidential from applicants by both charity staff and members of the Research Advisory Committee. Reviewers’ comments on a proposal may be sent to the applicant (anonymised) as feedback, unless specified otherwise within the online form.  

Anyone undertaking a review for Prostate Cancer UK must ensure that:

  • The application (and any corresponding materials) remains confidential.
  • All documentation is stored securely and not disseminated to others. If documents are downloaded or printed in order to undertake a review, the Reviewer must immediately delete/destroy the materials once the review has been completed.
  • Any ideas contained within the proposal are not used for any other purposes or utlised for personal gain.  
  • They do not discuss the application with anyone else without prior permission from the charity, nor contact the applicant about their proposal.
  • Any potential conflict of interest is declared upfront (or as soon as identified) and discussed with charity staff as to whether it precludes them from reviewing the application.

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